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For custom web applications, Vanadium has adopted the same browser support policy as Google Apps, supporting the current version of the 4 major browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, plus the previous major version.

At Vanadium we aim to produce cutting edge web applications and use new browser features to make applications smarter and easier to use, and make the user experience as pleasant as possible. Trying to accomplish the same things in older browsers can add a lot of time and expense to a project, and sometime it just can’t be done. For clients that are restricted to using an older browser (because of corporate limitations, or other reasons) we can make an exception, but it will usually result in a higher cost for the project.


For public facing web pages (as opposed to admin-only web pages), we also add support for one more previous major version of Internet Explorer, due to it’s enduring share of the browser market. So we currently ensure that public web pages display correctly down to Internet Explorer 8.


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