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At vanadium, we have a strong passion for people and the planet, so we’re working hard to make Vanadium earth-friendly. Here are some of the initiatives that we’ve implemented so far.

Green web hosting

All vanadium sites are hosted in Canada by GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks buys wind energy credits to replace the energy used by their servers at a ratio of 3:1, in other words, for every unit of power used by their servers, GreenGeeks buy three units of wind power (read more about how is GreenGeeks green).

Paperless Office

With the exception of our recycled business cards, Vanadium is totally paperless. We file all our legal and essential information electronically, and we use our mobile devices to take notes and share information at meetings. We know that recycling is great, but reducing is still way better!


When reducing isn’t possible, we recycle. For example, we take all our old computer equipment and electronics to Staples to recycle, and we recycle all our batteries for our electronic devices at MEC.


We work from home, so there is no daily car travel and no need to heat and power a separate office space all year.


Leon and Carmen are both avid cyclists, so we take our bikes or use public transit when we have to run errands or travel to meetings in Calgary. We use video conferencing as much as possible to attend meetings outside Calgary.

Giving back

Vanadium donates 10% of the proceeds on all projects to causes that are working hard to make the world a better place.